E2000 Fiber Optic Patch Cable

e2000 fiber optic patch cable

E2000 fiber optic patch cables feature the high price and good performance. E2000 is a trademark of Diamond Company, E2000 fiber optic patch cables are a wide range to fit for different applications. Typically the E2000 fiber patch cords are used in WANs, LANs, CATV and industry.

E2000 fiber patch cable connector features a spring-loaded shutter which fully protects the ferrule from dust and scratches. The shutter closes automatically when the connector is disengaged, locking out impurities which could later lead to network failure, and locking in potentially harmful laser beams. E2000 fiber patch cords are with secure transmission of high bit-rate protocols. We supply E2000 fiber patch cable assemblies, connectors, adapters and the attenuators that are compliant to European and international standards.



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