10 Gigabit Multimode Fiber Patch Cable

10 Gigabit Multimode Fiber Patch Cable

10G Fiber Optic Patch Cord Features:
Support 10 Gigabit data transmission rates
Connectors are with Ultra polish type
OM3 fiber optic glass with 50/125 micron
Compliant with international industry standard
100% tested during production

10G Fiber Optic Patch Cable Applications:
10 Gigabit Ethernet works
Campus networking
fiber optic testing purpose
Security connections
Data storage fiber connections

OM1 OM2 OM3 Multimode fiber
According to ISO/IEC 11801, which was made in September 2002, multimode fiber are classified and renamed to be OM1, OM2, and OM3. OM1 multimode fiber refer to traditional 62.5/125 cables, OM2 multimode fiber refer to traditional 50/125 cable, OM3 multimode is the name of 10 Gigabit multimode fiber optic cables, which is also 50/125 diameter. The 10g fiber optic cable is also called "Laser Optimized Cable".

10-Gigabit Ethernet
Standard for Ethernet network is IEEE 802.3. Ethernet is widely used local computer networks.
In the early times, standard Ethernet bandwidth is only 10Mbps; it is run on copper networks.
The second generation is fast Ethernet, with 100Mbps and 1000Mbps rate, fiber optic applications adopted was with the fast Ethernet. With development of multi media applications, more and more bandwidth is required; people are looking for solution of 10Gbase Ethernet. Standard for the 10G Ethernet is IEEE 802.3ae. 10G fiber optic cables are developed for these applications. To make it easy to identify, people use the special color Aqua for this 10g fiber optic cables, it is different from the traditional orange color multimode fiber cables.




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