Xenpak 10GB LR

 xenpak transceiver

Xenpak 10GB LR is 10GB single mode fiber optic transceiver by Cisco. The XENPAK-10GB-LR is a highly integrated、Serial optical transponder module for high-speed, 10Gbit/s data transmission applications. 4×3.125Gbps Ethernet Signal Input by XAUI Interface. We supply the Xenpak 10 GB LR Cisco compatible transceivers.

Xenpak 10GB LR is designed for 10GBASE-LR Transmission with an uncooled directly modulated 1310nm DFB Laser. The transponder operates within a wide case temperature range of 0°C to +70°C and offers optimum heat dissipation and excellent electromagnetic shielding which enables high port densities for 10 GbE systems. A 70 pin electrical connector and a duplex SC connector optical interface assure that connectivity is compliant to the XENPAK MSA Rev.3.0. Our Xenpak 10GB LR transceivers are in stock for prompt delivery, prices are competitive.


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