Fiber Optic Manufacturer
Fiber Optic Canada is a specialized fiber optic manufacturer . It has an over 10,000 square meters factory. The company was established in 1998, we mainly make fiber optic passive components in the first, and then we added the active fiber optic product lines. Infini fiber optic manufacturer devote to the FTTH products for customers in China and abroad.

As specialized fiber optic manufacturer , we have over 400 experienced workers and near 100 technique staff. With our strict control on products quality, we have a name of stable products and the good prices. We are one of the well known fiber optic manufacturers in the world. Our fiber optic products are used in labs, telecommunications, military and medical fields.

Canada Fiber Optic Supplier

Fiber Optic Canada Limited
Factory Address: Block 5, Wangtang Industrial Park,Nanshan Area, Shenzhen,China
Canada Address:Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario