Fiber Optic Company
Fiber Optic Canada is a specialized fiber optic company focus on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of optical fiber equipment. It was established before 2000 by a team of experienced engineers. The company is known for its high quality and good prices fiber optic products.

Infini fiber optic company make fiber optic patch cable assemblies and devices including patch cables, switches,fiber media converters and optical transceivers. Its products were first used in domestic market, since 2002, the products were massively sold to Europe and U.S. This fiber optic company gains a good name for the stable products quality since then. Except for our own brands fiber optic products , we help some of the world leading companies doing OEM on their behalf. We welcome friends from all over the world to cooperate in the fiber optic fields.

Canada Fiber Optic Supplier

Fiber Optic Canada Limited
Factory Address: Block 5, Wangtang Industrial Park,Nanshan Area, Shenzhen,China
Canada Address:Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario