E2000 Fiber Optic Adapter

 e2000 fiber optic adapter

E2000 fiber optic adapters supplied by Infinifiber.com are single mode and multimode versions. E2000 is trademark of Diamond Company, it is one of the latest and most advanced fiber optic connection types. E2000 fiber optic adapters and components are widely used in FTTx, WANs and LANs.

E2000 fiber optic adapter feature the secure transmission of high rate data, it fit the special designed E2000 fiber optic connectors which are protected by one piece spring-loaded shutters. E2000 use a high quality split ceramic sleeve ensures reliable performance after thousand times of mating/demating cycles. We supply PC and APC type E2000 fiber optic adapters, connectors and E2000 fiber optic patch cables.


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