cisco glc bx d

Cisco GLC BX D is a Gigabit rate BIDI SFP used on switches or routers, linking them to the fiber optic networks. GLC BX D use 1490nm as TX and 1310nm as RX, this is just opposite to its partner transceiver GLC BX U, thus the two can work in pairs together. We supply the Cisco GLC BX D equipment SFP transceivers.

Our GLC BX D SFP transceivers are compliant to IEEE Gigabit standards; they are with simplex LC UPC optical interface and in SFP package. This product is hot swappable, this makes them easy and convenient for deployment and maintenance. Every piece of our GLC BX D SFP is tested using equipment from original companies to make sure of the compatibility. They are very competitive prices and delivery is fast from warehouse.


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